The culmination of the Groundpaper Project for Design Philadelphia. With “Philly Portholes” we apply the same idea of activating forgotten spaces such as those underneath Interstate 95 which divide the neighborhood from the great waterfront along the Delaware River. Let’s add some color and make it fun to look at and inviting to pass through!

(Source: nomadicube, via nomoregalleries)

The Groundpaper Project at the foot of Penn Treaty Park was our first collaboration and is at the root of our concept for Philly Portholes. As part of the Philly Play House “Not a Vacant Lot” project for Design Philadelphia, the idea was to activate and transform a vacant space.

With Philly Portholes, our aim is to create bold silhouettes with layers and repeating patterns inspired by the Delaware River Waterfront in spaces that are uninviting and create a disconnect between neighborhoods and the waterfront.

(Source: nomoregalleries)