Printing our designs and building Mock Underpass panels for the muraLAB show next week! It’s all coming together!

Some Previews of our proposed Wallpaper Patterns.

The culmination of the Groundpaper Project for Design Philadelphia. With “Philly Portholes” we apply the same idea of activating forgotten spaces such as those underneath Interstate 95 which divide the neighborhood from the great waterfront along the Delaware River. Let’s add some color and make it fun to look at and inviting to pass through!

(Source: nomadicube, via nomoregalleries)

Here is a video showing the Groundpaper project which served as the initial inspiration for the “Philly Portholes” Concept.

(Source: nomoregalleries)

Greetings and Welcome!

Thanks for checking out the Philly Portholes project! We’ll be updating our progress and posting images here in addition to collecting YOUR submissions. Please read our FAQ, or use the Submit Your Photos pages at the top of the site. Any questions, email us at: PhillyPortholes(at)

THANKS! Mike Ski and KT